Thank you for your product! I am a recycle artist and love to be busy every day. After many years of suffering with fibromyalgia, 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Trijeminal Neuralgia, following the MRIs, Neurologists tests, etc. I was given a prescription for a heavy dose of pain meds which I really didn’t want and usually didn’t take – I was told that the pain (debilitating at times) would probably get worse, my Dr. has explained that there was also some antipyschotic drugs I could try for the pain ,- didn’t think that was going to happen – There was an option to have surgery, where the nerves could be snipped at the brain stem (yes that was freaky to hear) and also NEVER going to happen! I was given a gift of your salve and oil to try for the pain – After just one treatment I felt the difference, the pain started backing off almost immediately. Having lived with pain for so many years I just assumed it was my new normal. Thanks to your products- the pain isn’t as bad I can back it down when I feel it coming on. I am back to repairing and making furniture – And when pain does start I’ve got the salve to stop it. Am sharing with so many people hoping it gives them a bit of relief. Also after I messed up on my order today I had to call the 1-888#, I was assisted and my problem resolved so quickly and kindly – Audrey you are an angel for helping me THANK YOU! to all!